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When Grasping Gratitude Feels Hard...

It’s November, the month marked by thanksgiving, and if I’m being honest, sometimes gratitude can be hard to grasp…especially when you have very real needs or unanswered prayers that have yet to be met.


I just read Psalm 105 and it begins with an imperative, telling us to give thanks to the Lord and to proclaim His greatness.  


My heart felt a little salty as I read it because the enemy tempts me to question God’s greatness when He seems to be taking such a L-O-N-G time to answer my cry for help.😥


Like, I WANT to give thanks, but what I want to ask is, “Where ARE you, God? I’m facing a very real and hard circumstance that requires a Rescuer. A storm is raging and You seem to be no where on the scene…”


It’s almost like God read my mail,  because verses 4 & 5 led me to change my question from, “Where ARE You,” to, “Where WERE You…”


When we are grasping for gratitude, they remind us of these two things:

1) SEARCH for the Lord & for HIS strength

2) REMEMBER what He’s done


When we stop searching for answers and SEARCH instead for the Author of all answers, we suddenly find strength to offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise

And when we REMEMBER what He has done:

👉🏽the unexpected money

👉🏽the text or call at just the right time

👉🏽or some other tangible way God met your need in the past…


It is when we remember what He’s done that we are reminded of Whom we serve – a faithful God Who sees you and sent His Son to be your Savior and lead you as Lord, even through the hardest of times when gratitude is hard to grasp…🤗


One practice I began years ago was  a, “God of…” journal. It is similar to a gratitude journal, but it is specific to recording ways God showed up B-I-G! It has captured the annals of my family’s history when He revealed Himself as 

👉🏽The God of the broken microwave

👉🏽The God of the resurrected furnace

👉🏽The God of the reconciled relationship

👉🏽The God of the unexpected provision…& many other names…

If you are struggling with gratitude today, SEARCH for the Source of ALL you need & REMEMBER the amazing things He has done! May your hope be renewed as you worship The One Whose provision never fails. 🙏🏽

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