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It's Difficult to Walk in Clarity With Clutter

…but wisdom is shown to be right by its results.

Matthew 11:19

I have a friend who calls me an efficiency expert. Ever since I can remember, sifting, sorting and organizing makes my heart sing!

This morning, as I read Mt. 11:19, fresh revelation surfaced about the connection between order and wisdom. Jesus says this little sentence as a conclusion and transition to the next topic: “Wisdom is shown to be right by its results.

Another version says, ”Wisdom is proved right by her children.” It begs the question, “What sort of offspring have my decisions produced?”😬

I suddenly realized that it’s not so much the efficiency I love, but the intentionality that results FROM it.

There is a massive freedom that falls when someone chooses to:

• See less to see more

• Have less to have more

• Do less to do more

We’ve all heard how multitasking might FEEL productive, but it simply provides opportunity to mess up multiple things at once and ultimately take longer to do it!😂

The definition of wisdom means clear or clarity.

It’s difficult to walk in clarity with clutter. Sometimes we need to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.😉

When our schedule is packed, our mind races and our lives are filled with things that demand our time, talents and finances in such a way that we don’t face the Father, there’s a problem (or one just waiting to happen!)

As we look back on the first few months of the year, ask:

What sort of offspring have my decisions produced?

Are my days marked by clarity or do I need to spend a little time removing obstacles standing in the way?

Efficiency makes things run smoother, but it also frees us of things that deter from living lives of intention.

That word, “intent”, means to sift. If we were to take our lives and place it in a metaphorical strainer and slosh it around, what unessential things might fall away so that the intentional might remain?

Father, we want to live lives of clarity and purpose. Bring to mind anything in our home, time, relationships and mind that need to be removed so the offspring of our decisions may be marked by wisdom!

Time is short and the days are filled with distractions. Give us laser-like clarity to live a life of purpose, on purpose and for the sole purpose of revealing You to a watching world!

-Kimberly Oden

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